Savings and Money Market Accounts

Having a savings account to fall back on in an emergency is not only smart, it provides you with peace of mind. Alpine Bank offers multiple savings accounts and Money Market accounts for customers of all ages and stages in life.

Savings- our regular savings account that helps you save for a rainy day or your child’s education.*

Minor Savings- a savings account to put away money for your child’s future no matter how young they are.*

Holiday and Vacation Clubs- save smarter for the holiday season or your vacation so you’re not left paying bills long after the fun is gone.*

Next Generation Savings- help your child start to save with this limited withdrawal savings account. Adult family member must have an account with Alpine Bank .

Money Market- deposit payments into this tiered interest-bearing account and watch your account balance and interest rate grow.*

*These accounts can also be opened online as eAccounts.

To learn more about any of Alpine Bank’s savings accounts, simply contact the location nearest you today!