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Whether you want to purchase a new vehicle, a major appliance or make improvements to your home, a personal loan from Alpine Bank gives you the flexibility and funds you need.

Alpine Bank’s smooth approval process makes borrowing money easy, and our competitive interest rates and willingness to work with you on repayment terms help ensure an uneventful payback process.

Personal Loan Options

Installment Loans

Can be used for large appliance purchases, medical bills or other surprise expenses.

Auto Loans

Get that new car, truck or SUV you’ve needed by applying in person at one of our fifteen locations. You can also learn about our eLoans or apply online.

Home Equity Loan

Perfect for consolidating debt, making large purchases or when you need a lump sum of cash.

Home Equity Line of Credit

A pre-established line of credit available on demand when you need cash.


Competitive rates and numerous programs to help you afford your dream home.

Alpine Bank aims to make borrowing money as low stress as possible. To see how we can help with your loan needs, just call or come by any of our locations today!