Our Investment Philosophy and Process

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Our investment process focuses on minimizing risk, enhancing returns and continuous evaluation.

Investing is not the type of thing you jump into blindly and somehow find success. It requires planning, strategy and evaluation. Alpine Trust & Investment Group follows an investment philosophy and process with five tenets:

  1. Prudent investing requires a disciplined approach.
  2. Diversification minimizes risk and enhances return.
  3. Passive investing in efficient markets combined with active investing in less efficient markets provide opportunities for adding alpha.
  4. Tactical asset allocation improves portfolio risk/return profile.
  5. A constant evaluation of asset classes and portfolio structure is necessary to ensure your portfolio can stand the test of time.

Discipline starts with proper asset allocation

Asset allocation is the main determinant of portfolio performance. How assets are allocated is specific to you and your needs. That’s why our investment process always starts with getting to know your goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and unique circumstances.


Investment Process Diagram Investment Process Diagram



unparalleled Expertise in Investment & Planning

When looking for a partner for your investment relationship, our Investment & Planning team is second to none. These professionals have both the technical know-how and proven experience to help you create a solid and sound investment strategy.

  • Betsy Pierson
    Elizabeth S. Pierson, CFA

    Senior Vice President
    Chief Investment Officer

    University of Illinois, B.S. Finance
    Chartered Financial Analyst
    31 years experience
  • Michele Lind
    Michele B. Lind, CFP®, CSSCS

    Vice President
    Senior Wealth Advisor & Investment Officer

    Rockford University, B.S. Economics/Finance
    Certified Financial Planner
    Certified in Social Security Claiming Strategies
    26 years experience
  • Stephen Hofmann

    Assistant Vice President
    Wealth Advisor & Investment
    W. Michigan University Cooley Law School, J.D.
    Northern Illinois University, B.S. Accountancy
    Certified Public Accountant
    Certified Financial PlannerTM
    9 years experience
  • Daniel H. Zeigler
    DANIEL H. Zeigler, CFP®, CMFC®

    Assistant Vice President
    Wealth Advisor & Investment
    Illinois State University, B.S. Finance
    Certified Financial PlannerTM
    Chartered Mutual Fund CounselorSM
    10 years experience 
  • Patrick McKnight
    Virgie Taylor

    Wealth Advisor Assistant
    Upper Iowa University, B.S. Financial Management 
    22 years experience
  • Christopher Zabel
    Christopher Zabel

    Research Analyst
    University of Illinois at Chicago, B.S. Finance
    2 years experience

Begin your investment relationship with us today by giving us a call at 815-231-2710.