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Regardless of your industry or business niche, a continuous and growing cash flow is critical. Making sure things run smoothly can be time consuming, especially when you have other important business items to worry about. Alpine Bank helps take the headache out of managing your cash flow with our assortment of Cash Management and Merchant Services.

Automated Sweep Account*

See a return on your excess ledger balances. Surplus balances are “swept” into a separate account that earns a return and can be returned to the operating account when funds are needed.

Remote Bank Deposit

This check processing system allows you to securely capture your customer, commercial and cashier’s checks electronically so you receive funds quicker while cutting down on trips to the bank.

Business, Corporate and Purchasing Credit Cards

Pay for a variety of business expenses from business trips to equipment, inventory or office supplies.

Business Online Banking

Check account balances, pay bills, transfer funds, see account statements and more from your own computer. All you need is an account and an internet connection.

ACH Origination

Set up recurring payments for business-to-business transactions, direct deposit on payroll and other expenses.

Corporate CD Imaging

Keep crisp and clear images of your cancelled checks for improved customer service and reduced clerical and storage costs.

Electronic Account Reconciliation

Speed up your reconciliation process with Alpine Bank’s easy-to-use system that ensures the money leaving your account matches the amount spent.

Zero Balance Account

Keep better control over your disbursements with a zero balance account that automatically transfers funds from a master account to cover checks.

Wire Transfers

Send funds quickly and securely to other businesses or individuals. It’s simple, safe and efficient.

Positive Pay

Struggling to manage the numerous payments you send out each day? Positive Pay compares checks for payments against your account with the checks you’ve actually issued to prevent fraud.

Merchant Services

Debit and credit cards are the currency of our day so you want to be sure you’re able to accept them while still getting a competitive price and great local service.

Lock Box Receivable Collection

Security and efficiency go hand in hand with the added bonus of being able to accommodate large transaction volumes. If you already have a lock box, you can sign in here.

The knowledgeable relationship managers at Alpine Bank will gladly work with you to find the best combination of services for your business’s needs. You can get started today by contacting a member of our Cash Management and Merchant Services team.



*Sweep Accounts are not FDIC insured, are not deposits of Alpine Bank, are not guaranteed by Alpine Bank, and involve risk including possible loss of principal.