Making the Most of a Staycation

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Making the Most of a Staycation

Have a great summer vacation right in your own home.  Are you wanting to take a vacation this summer, but don’t have the finances to make it work? Alpine Bank has the solution for you! Have you heard of a “staycation”?  A staycation is a vacation where you can unwind, relax and “get away” – without even leaving your home. If you are excited about the thought of saving on vacation costs, but just aren’t sold on the idea of a staycation, Alpine Bank has some tips for making the most of your staycation:

  • Treat Yourself to Delivery or In-Home Services – While normally you might not use a cleaning service or get food delivered to your home, a staycation is a great time to treat yourself to these services.  A part of enjoying a vacation is having things done for you, so although you still have to pay for these services at home, it is still a lot less expensive than paying through a hotel or resort.
  • Bring the Luxury to you – Whether you have a bath spa set you got for Christmas last year, a box of fancy china sitting in the basement or have a robe that never gets used, now is the time to enjoy it! Also, consider taking turns with a family member doing a “turn-down service” each night. You can even place a chocolate on their pillow!
  • Put Everything on Hold – Just as if you were traveling for a regular vacation, schedule time off on all of your calendars for your staycation. When your time off arrives, set up an “Out of the Office” response on your email accounts, turn off your phones and even put a hold on watching the news – just as if you were going away on a vacation. Disconnecting is an important part of having a successful staycation.
  • Have fun! – If you are having a staycation with your family, pitch a tent in the back yard, declare a water game day and spend time reading your favorite books. Now is the time to do your favorite things right in your own home!

Sometimes, taking a vacation just won’t work with your current financial status. Taking a staycation is a great way to enjoy time off and save considerably on typical vacation costs. Alpine Bank wishes you and your family a fun summer!