How to Have More Money without Making More Money

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How to Have More Money without Making More Money

The economy is starting to look up for the first time since 2008 and many people are finding themselves with some extra cash. But that extra chunk of change brings some responsibilities with it. People who overspend typically don’t do so on a few major purchases. They usually spend too much on many small purchases that sneak between the cracks of their budget. Try out a few of these ideas to keep your spending in check this year.

Start a budget: Budgeting is not a new topic for our blog, but if you haven’t started or updated your budget yet, it is time to start. Keep the receipt for every purchase you make for a month. At the end of the month, add up every dollar you spent (even if it is just a couple!) and evaluate what purchases were necessary. Include these in your monthly budget and try to cut out the other stuff.

Shop Sales Wisely: We all love a good sale! But if you end up buying more because it was on sale, you didn’t save at all. Only take advantage of sales when it is for something you need.

Use Cash: Giving your plastic card a quick swipe is a lot easier than handing over some green. The best way to track what is leaving your wallet is to physically see it. Many people just click the pay button without looking at the charges on their credit card bill. When you see your wallet shrinking before your eyes, you may realize you don’t have extra money to spend on wants.

Cutting back on purchasing is not only about saving money but also accumulating less stuff over your lifetime. When we live with fewer things, it is easier to manage a simple lifestyle. Alpine Bank wants you to keep your finances organized and in check. We offer different checking and savings accounts to fit your unique needs. Stop in at one of our locations today!