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We are all endowed with a certain number of skills and talents.  Many of them can be cultivated and improved over time but there are many seemingly simple and complex tasks few of us can claim are part of our wheelhouse.  If you were looking for someone to do a manicure, I can assure you I would not be at the top of your list.  In the same way, if you broke your arm and were looking for someone to cast it, I would hope you would look for someone with an M.D. after their name in order to assure the best possible outcome for your arm.  There are probably a number of activities we choose not to do or cultivate in the interest of saving time or simple convenience - - ironing work shirts or changing oil come to mind.

Some of the more common financial tasks do not involve an academic pedigree or an advanced skill set -- most of us can balance a checkbook and populate a spreadsheet without much thought.  Consider a professional athlete for a moment.  He or she has developed a certain level of skill and achievement but often needs a third party to take him or her to the next level.  There is a peak or ceiling an athlete often reaches on their own but to truly advance to the next level and someday achieve greatness, a coach is often the only solution to pushing past the plateau.  What NFL quarterback has ever gone without a quarterback coach, hoping to achieve optimum performance week in and week out without the aid of another set of eyes?

Top athletes and business professionals constantly look to improve their performance, productivity and quality of life.  Coaches help athletes develop and improve skills and endurance, allowing them to play at a high level and improve their chances of having a long, sustainable career.  A personal financial coach plays a similar role; helping their client plan and execute an appropriate financial strategy to reach their goals and dreams, while taking into account their values and desired legacy.

A personal financial coach can help you remain focused and help you navigate through volatile investment periods so you avoid making irrational decisions that will hurt you in the long run.  Your financial coach should care about you, have your best interest in mind when making recommendations, and should cultivate a lasting relationship with you and talk to you frequently, not just once a year.  Are your assets positioned to grow?  Do you have the resources to retire in the manner you wish?  Is your family protected in case of your premature passing?  These are all questions and concerns a financial coach should address when mapping out a plan for your success.

Ron Glenn is a Vice President, Wealth Advisor & Trust Officer at Alpine Trust & Investment Group. 




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