Planning a Cold-Weather Escape?

Posted On: December 14, 2017 by Alpine Bank in: Alpine Trust & Investment, Personal Finance, Savings, Seasonal

If you are like most of us here in Northern Illinois, you’re probably dreaming of making a quick trip to warmer weather sometime in the next three months. Florida? Hawaii? Arizona? You’ll probably spend a good deal of time comparing costs of flights, hotels, etc. In fact, did you know the average American generally puts more effort into planning their next vacation than planning for their retirement future? Now, although planning your adventures for one week is probably a lot more fun and a little less intimidating, it’s important to remember that responsible retirement planning is what will allow you to keep up the trip planning all the way into retirement. Let’s explore how planning a vacation is very similar to planning for retirement and how certain decisions can affect everyone involved.   Vacation:  The first step is determining when you’re taking the trip. Which week works best for everyone’s schedules? Are there advantages