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Locally Owned and Proudly Serving Our Communities Since 1908

From the very beginning, Alpine Bank has had the same mission: build great relationships, provide quality customer service and maintain a strong commitment to our communities. Learn how we grew from one branch in Belvidere to 16 locations serving 50,000 families and businesses.

  1. 1908

    Farmers State Bank chartered and opens in Belvidere.

  2. 1923

    Hugh K. Funderburg elected to the board.

  3. 1931

    Hugh K. Funderburg elected bank president.

  4. 1933

    Farmers State Bank assumes assets and deposits of Peoples Bank.

  5. 1938

    Farmers State Bank renamed Farmers National Bank.

  6. 1940

    Farmers National Bank assumes assets and deposits of Poplar Grove Bank. Farmers National Bank assumes assets and deposits of Cherry Valley Bank.

  7. 1944

    Hugh K. Funderburg acquires State Bank of Kirkland.

  8. 1945

    Farmers National Bank granted trust powers.

  9. 1961

    R. Robert Funderburg elected Chairman of Farmers and Kirkland banks.

  10. 1967

    Farmers National renamed Belvidere National Bank and Trust Company.

  11. 1971

    Belvidere Bank opens Logan Avenue facility.

  12. 1974

    R. Robert Funderburg forms Bank of Cherry Valley.

  13. 1975

    State Bank of Kirkland moves to new 7,000 sq. ft. facility.

  14. 1976

    R. Robert Funderburg acquires Alpine State Bank. Bank of Cherry Valley moves to new 6,700 sq. ft. facility.

  15. 1979

    Belvidere Bank opens North State St. branch.

  16. 1981

    Alpine Bank opens Spring Creek/Mulford branch.

  17. 1983

    Alpine Bank moves to new 28,000 sq. ft. facility.

  18. 1991

    Belvidere Bank moves to new 38,000 sq. ft. facility. Belvidere Bank and State Bank of Kirkland merge.

  19. 1992

    R. Robert Funderburg, Jr. elected Chairman. Valley Bank opens Machesney Park branch.

  20. 1994

    Alpine Bank and Valley Bank merge.

  21. 1995

    Alpine Bank opens East State/Perryville drive up facility.

  22. 1996

    Alpine Bank relocates State/Mulford branch to new 46,500 sq. ft. facility. Original Belvidere Bank facility redeveloped as "Landmark Plaza."

  23. 1998

    Alpine Bank opens first in-store branch at Logli's Harlem Rd.

  24. 1999

    Alpine Bank opens second in-store branch at Logli's East State St.

  25. 2000

    Alpine Bank opens third in-store branch at Logli's Charles St.

  26. 2003

    Belvidere Bank acquires property in Poplar Grove for future branch.

  27. 2005

    Alpine Bank acquires land for future branch on Riverside Blvd. Belvidere Bank opens new 5,200 sq. ft. Gateway Center branch.

  28. 2006

    Belvidere Bank opens Bucs branch in Belvidere High School.

  29. 2007

    Alpine Bank opens new 4,400 sq. ft. Roscoe branch. Belvidere Bank opens Blue Thunder branch in Belvidere North High School.

  30. 2008

    Alpine Bank and Belvidere Bank combine under the name of Alpine Bank. Alpine Bank opens branch in the Wesley Willows Town Center.

  31. 2010

    Alpine Bank remodels in-store branch at Logli's Charles St. to a new, larger space inside the store.

  32. 2016

    Alpine Bank opens 2,700 sq. ft. North Main branch, expanding the presence west of the Rock River.